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Why am I seeing this ad?

Websites that you visit everyday to get your news, information, and entertainment rely on advertising technologies to provide you with a more relevant and valuable experience. Personalized delivery of ads and content can be informed by various information such as the content you have consumed, the type of device you use, your general location, or your browsing history on affiliated sites.

For additional information on how we collect and use information for serving ads, please read our interest-based advertising policy.

Who placed this ad?

This ad was served by Nativo to a publisher partner on behalf of the advertiser disclosed in the ad or sponsored content.

Why was this ad served?

Nativo places ads, including sponsored content, on sites by factoring in many variables, which may include the site’s content, demographic data, and location information to select the ads you see.

How can I learn more about Nativo or Native Advertising?

Nativo is an advertising technology platform that delivers meaningful content experiences to consumers, automates the way marketers distribute and analyze the impact of branded content, and enables media companies to sell, deploy and optimize paid native content across their properties.


What choices do I have?

On Desktop
Opt out of all tracking or behavioral advertising by any advertiser running through the Nativo platform by clicking below.

You are currently not opted out.

On Mobile
To opt out on iOS:

  1. Go to Settings > Privacy > Advertising.
  2. Turn on Limit Ad Tracking.

Learn more from Apple.

To opt out on Android:

  1. Open your Google Settings app > Ads.
  2. Enable the Opt out of interest-based advertising setting.

Learn more from Google.

For more choices and further information

Visit the Network Advertising Initiative and the Digital Advertising Alliance to see your opt-out choices from other participating companies.