2020 Is The Year Advertising Rebalances Its Scales

Target Marketing | June 12, 2020 COVID-19 has accelerated pre-planned brand strategy shifts, including moving away from third-party cookies.

Target Marketing | June 22, 2020 -  Since March, marketers have been scrambling to find purchase in a world changing by the minute. In Target Marketing, Nativo VP of Solutions & Activations Chao Liao argues that COVID-19 simply accelerated challenges within the advertising ecosystem that had been lurking all along.

Brand Safety Filters

An over dependence on aggressive content filters has been placing brands at a disadvantage - a fact heightened by COVID-19. Blacklists treat content with a chainsaw instead of a scalpel, causing brands to miss out on opportunities to align with the relevant, brand-safe content their target audiences seek. As an alternative, brands should create more nuanced brand suitability guidelines.

Audience Targeting Data

Brand reliance on audience targeting is waning in 2020, largely in response to Google’s announcement to eliminate third-party cookies from its Chrome browser. COVID-19 further illuminated the need for advertisers to identify alternative solutions - including contextual targeting - to reach their audience.

Technology-First Investments

An overreliance on technology has left marketers with gaps in their creative strategies. Brands should prioritize the customer experience and evaluate where they’re using “tech for tech’s sake.”

For additional insights from Chao Liao on how advertising will rebalance its scales in 2020, read his full article in Target Marketing.

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Chao Liao VP of Solutions & Activations
Chao Liao
VP of Solutions & Activations

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