4 Ways Media Execs Can Turn The Death Of Cookies To Their Advantage

By Jason Kalin, Chief Business Officer – Nativo

Digital Content Next | July 24, 2023 After what seems like an endless amount of anticipation, Google will begin phasing out third-party cookies in Chrome in six months, and fully within the next year. 

At this point, today’s media executives have spent years being told that they need to prepare themselves for the deprecation of third-party cookies in Chrome. They’ve been assured that the significant limitations of third-party cookies mean their demise is no great loss in the first place, and they’ve been given step-by-step instructions for transitioning away from third-party cookies altogether. 

The assurances are true. And the bits of advice are practical. But there’s more to the story—and it’s time for us to mentally take the next step on the journey to a cookieless digital ecosystem.

What if—just what if—the loss of third-party cookies is actually an opportunity for publishers to strengthen themselves for the long haul and position themselves for growth, rather than mere survival? While so many in the online ecosystem are busy calculating the anticipated downside of third-party cookie deprecation, there’s an opportunity for future-minded media executives to be flipping the narrative and telling ad buyers why cookieless targeting will be a boon to their campaigns.

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