Women In Nativo Employee Resource Group Partners With AnitaB.Org

Join us in supporting women in technology.

All our lives have been altered by COVID-19, and it’s no different for employees at Nativo. As we continue to transition to a digital-first workplace, Women in Nativo (WIN) got creative in how we operate and connect.

But first, what is WIN?


Glad you asked!

Women in Nativo (WIN) is a Nativo employee resource group. For Nativians pursuing equality, inclusion and acceptance in the workplace, Women in Nativo provides mentorship opportunities, training and a support network of caring colleagues approached through an intersectional lens because WIN believes that the success of a company is dependent upon its diversity of contributing voices.

During this challenging year, WIN decided to use our platform to boost company morale and help the lives of others. As a member of the AdTech community dedicated to supporting women in technology, the core values of Nativo and WIN align closely with the vision of  AnitaB.org. Together, it’s a partnership that has been a true WIN-for-WIN.

Enter, AnitaB.org.


In 1987, computer scientist Dr. Anita Borg started a digital community for women in computing. Over the years, that community has grown and AnitaB.org is the leading organization driving inclusive technology with programs, services and events that help women in tech propel their careers. Today, AnitaB.org works with women technologists in more than 50 countries, and partners with leading academic institutions and Fortune 500 companies.

AnitaB.org envisions a future where the people who imagine and build technology mirror the people and societies for whom they build it. The organization connects, inspires and guides women in technology and organizations that view technology innovation as a strategic imperative.

How we created a compelling fundraiser

After we decided on AnitaB.org, our initial fundraising hurdles were: How do we incentivize people to donate? And how do we make it fun?

To incentivize Nativians to donate, we instituted prizes when donation goals were met. We promoted the fundraiser using Slack and showcased progress during our company-wide all hands meetings.

With the help of our employees, and matching donations by Nativo’s CEO and WIN, Nativians raised a total of $6,500.

But the work isn’t over yet


The season of giving is upon us, and your support for AnitaB.org is needed more than ever. In these unprecedented times, AnitaB.org remains ardently dedicated to empowering women pursuing STEM education and supporting underrepresented women in tech. The AnitaB.org Tech Journey Fund Scholarship is rooted in student investment. They believe investing in female computing students is an opportunity to change the face and culture of computing. The Tech Journey Fund Scholarships aim to help students overcome challenges that pose a threat to completion of their degrees.

Everyone has been impacted by COVID-19, but women have been the hardest hit. Please  consider joining us in donating to the AnitaB.org Tech Journey Fund Scholarship.



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