Branded Content Drove 57:1 ROI For A Leading Big Box Retailer

Native drove 9.6M shoppers to a multinational retailer during the holiday season.

The holidays can be stressful - not least of all for advertisers, who spent the past few months carefully planning their media spend to increase in-store retail conversions. While most holiday campaigns include multiple consumer touch points, native can be an especially powerful tool to drive purchases during the most important shopping dates of the year. Find out how one advertiser harnessed the power of native to achieve a 57:1 ROI on their holiday campaigns for a multinational retailer.


Advertiser Goal

The advertiser’s goal was to bring awareness to the multinational retail store’s low prices, quality products and seamless in-store experience. The advertiser wanted to drive foot traffic by showcasing its brand as the best partner to make holiday shopping a better, stress-free experience. The campaign targeted busy families looking to save both money and time.


Nativo Strategy

By leveraging Nativo’s Native Article and Native Video offerings, the advertiser authentically engaged holiday shoppers during their planning and buying phases. The content was distributed across contextually relevant sites to reach families seeking holiday gift ideas. To track consumers who visited the retail store after being exposed to the ad campaign, Nativo partnered with Placed Analytics.



Nativo’s Native Article and Native Video execution drove 9.6M holiday shoppers to the multinational retailer’s store, achieving 649K incremental visitors, 35.7M in incremental sales and a 57:1 ROI.


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