Consumer Finance Insights Report 2022

New insights around the 2023 consumer finance landscape
Consumer Finance Insights Report

Whether it represents opportunity, success, shame or change, the topic of personal finance is one that has a profound influence on consumer behavior and mindset. Shifting in response to market trends and demographic priorities, the consumer finance field necessitates agility and responsiveness from brands in the space.

In this report, we set out to map the 2023 landscape of consumer finance, including how the definition of wealth has evolved over generations, the specific motivators behind financial decision-making and the content most influential in shaping consumer behavior.

Download the Consumer Finance Insights Report to learn:

  • The overarching consumer outlook on personal finance for 2023
  • How financial priorities and pain points differ between genders and generations
  • The specific factors that influence how consumers invest, spend and homebuy
  • Which types of personal finance content consumers find most valuable

Join us on 11/16 as we dive into the findings and how to shape your content strategy to meet consumer finance needs: Sign Up Now!



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