Consumer Finance Outlook: The Priorities, Pain Points & Opportunities of 2023

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When it comes to consumer finance, some truths remain constant: people wish they were more financially literate, saving and budgeting is a shared pain point, and the dream is a lifestyle more about comfort and less about compromise. But where there’s contrast, there’s opportunity—to connect with consumers and provide value.

Watch these clips that detail best practices for developing finance content.

What Does Wealth Mean to You?

Learn how to connect wealth and finance goals to a variety of consumers.

Wealth Definitions by Audience

GenZers were 3x more likely to select ‘quality of material possessions’ and Boomers were twice as likely to say ‘net worth’. 

Content Based on Pain Points

Create content to help consumers meet these challenges head on.

Distributing Financial Content

Make sure to share the right message with the right people. 

How Consumers Find Financial Products

Consumers are 48% more likely to find articles/editorial content helpful when it comes to finding financial products. 

Watch "Consumer Finance Outlook: The Priorities, Pain Points & Opportunities of 2023", a Nativo webinar, on demand now to learn:

  • Why are women more concerned about being able to retire on time?
  • How does the new generation’s definition of “wealth” differ from their parents? 
  • Why are the highest-income respondents most likely to be worried about the cost of starting a family?


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