Content drives engagement for Advertisers. Publishers, here’s how to maximize that investment

Here are simple considerations to help ensure that your branded content stands out and drives impact.

Once upon a time, product placement was not a dirty word. Advertising was an art. Ads were tasteful, thoughtful, well-designed, and created to be iconic. 

During the 90s, the internet changed everything. And, for better or worse, the internet itself continues to evolve. 

For a long while, data-driven advertising was every marketer’s go to. However, cookie deprecation, legislation and a shift to privacy have altered the advertising playbook. And while new solutions are being proposed to supplant invasive data-driven strategies, there are tried and tested approaches that will work. Chief among them are content and context, which work in tandem to engage audiences and drive advertising success. Here’s how to maximize that investment.

Content is a futureproof strategy to reach and engage a brand’s audience. But how do you ensure that brand content stands out? Here are three simple considerations to help ensure that branded content stands out and, most importantly, drives impact.

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