100+ Content Marketing Trends And Predictions For Success In 2022

LOS ANGELES, CA – December 7 – /PRNewswire/ -- Nativo, a leading content technology platform, today announced the appointment of Mark Putrus to the role of Chief People Officer.

Content Marketing Institute | December 9, 2021 - For nearly two years, content marketers have shifted gears and focus, navigating turbulence so often it feels like we have created a new storm category - the marketer’s maelstrom. Why bother trying to predict the patterns that will sweep across the industry in 2022? Here’s why: The core of content marketing is the future. Through the creation of trust and truth, we need to assemble audiences into differentiated digital content experiences. Various industry thought leaders help us shine a light on the trends and pathways to consider to stay ahead of your audience’s needs.

Nativo's Lizzie Blumenthal, Associate Director, Content Production and Operations, sees three trends dominating:

The Great Resignation: It will be vital to both advertise unique benefits and stand out as a company that cares about its workforce – perhaps by highlighting CSR efforts, DEI initiatives, employee testimonials/personal stories, career advancement opportunities, etc.

Chip shortage considerations: Brands will need to reevaluate their advertising tactics to maintain customer loyalty and retention and be prepared to meet the demands of consumers when inventory is available.

E-commerce: Think about how to incorporate shoppable units seamlessly within editorial landing pages. If you have existing e-commerce partnerships with specific vendors, talk to your native advertising partners about ways to integrate these two experiences into a cohesive article page and/or create shoppable units via slideshows/carousels.”

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