Nativo Participates In IAB UK Whitepaper On Contextual Targeting: Key Terms

The ins and outs of contextual targeting from Nativo and the IAB UK

Every day we get closer to a world without third-party cookies, and it’s time for marketers to embrace alternative targeting methodologies like contextual targeting. Contextual advertising and targeting selects ads based on the environment in which they appear. Using keywords, content, domains and metadata, contextual ads are shown to users based on the content they are consuming at that moment in time.  The format enables consumers to engage with brand content in environments where they’re already looking for similar content without reliance on third-party cookies. Instead, contextual targeting relies on context clues and keywords from the full body of text on a page to understand user intent.

As contextual advertising experiences its renaissance, understanding the key contextual terms is more crucial than ever.

Nativo partnered with IAK UK to create a set of standardized definitions to be used across the industry:

Contextual targeting: Contextual targeting is when an ad is targeted based purely on the subject and environment of the content (including but not limited to text, audio, video or images). It is not based on any characteristics of the user and therefore does not rely on any personally identifiable information (PII).

Behavioral targeting: Behavioral targeting is when an ad is targeted based on attributes of the user, as opposed to the targeting being based on attributes of the content.

Cookie-less: When the technology or service does not have any reliance on a web browser’s cookie functionality.

Channel: In broader advertising terms, a channel is the medium or device that an ad is being served on, e.g. mobile, desktop, OOH, TV, CTV, print, radio, podcast.

In digital advertising, channel refers to the format in which the ad message is being communicated, e.g. video ad, audio ad, display banner.

Environment: Environment describes the format of the content that the ad is appearing against, e.g. video, text, podcast, in-app.

You can check out all of the definitions here.

To help advertisers better understand its benefits, Nativo also partnered with the IAB UK to create a guide on contextual targeting called “How to Harness the Power of Contextual Targeting.”  You can check out the full guide here.



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