The Top COVID-19 Content Keywords You Need To Know

The top content topics consumers are engaging with in our next normal.

Under normal circumstances creating useful content is far from easy; in this next normal, it’s doubly difficult. The beginning of 2020 saw the start of a global pandemic and unprecedented economic uncertainty, resulting in a drastic change to our day-to-day routines.

The single most agreed upon content tip for brands right now is to align strategy with consumer challenges and concerns. But in this rapidly changing environment, what exactly does that look like?

To find out, the Nativo Research & Analytics team analyzed COVID-19 brand messaging across our marketplace of premium publications. CTRs for content headlines were compared against platform category benchmarks to identify the top performing keywords in seven key industries.


The technology category is seeing increased CTRs on keywords around working from home (WFH) and employee engagement.


As large corporations extol working from home as the new norm, consumers are searching for WFH data insights, tips and tools to execute productively and achieve the ever-elusive (and increasingly rare) work/life balance. Audiences are also interested in learning how tech companies are preserving employee health, retaining talent, avoiding layoffs and enabling productivity.


Consumers are gravitating toward content featuring bucket lists and the great outdoors.


Now more than ever, consumers are dreaming about their destination wish-list, or bucket list. As shelter in place orders begin to lift, consumers are increasingly drawn to content about national parks, demonstrating wanderlust and a craving for wildlife immersion.


Consumers are engaging with keywords related to social security, retirement and financial preparations.


The COVID-19 pandemic prompted an economic crisis, and audiences are seeking trustworthy information about preparing for an uncertain future. Consumers are searching for sound financial expertise that advises how to weather market volatility and protect retirement plans, investments and 401(K)s.

Healthcare Providers

As frontline responders face unforeseen challenges, content featuring keywords like “coronavirus” and “doctors” is seeing a substantial lift in engagement.


Healthcare providers are seeking information on how the crisis impacts their profession and community. A considerable increase in CTR around COVID-19 keywords indicates a desire for informative, up-to-date content about the impact of rapidly shifting policy on the care they provide.


“Help,” “assistance” and “community” are some of the top performing keywords across the business vertical.


Readers want to know how brands are adapting their products and services to make a difference in the current climate. While community and philanthropy-related content remains important for brand-level messaging, business decision makers and executives are looking to brands for support, pandemic related information, news and updates.

Food and Drink

The food and drink category is seeing an exponential increase in health and wellness content engagement.

4-FOOD & DRINK.jpg

Consumers around the world are navigating our next normal, and the impact of eating habits on overall health and wellness is a concern to everyone. Audiences are engaging with content that tackles topics like managing stress, how to navigate daily tasks and ways to improve immunity as a direct response to the external stressors placed on our collective physical and mental health.

Healthcare Consumers

Consumers in the health category are engaging with content containing keywords “exposing,” “rumor” and “guide.”


Consumers are confronted with a deluge of content right now and are looking for sources that delineate fact from fiction, dispel rumors and provide accurate information. Content that highlights staying healthy, safe and stress-free during the current pandemic is a priority to audiences as they adjust to a drastically different world.


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