CPG Retail Insights Report

Read our insights report on content, purchase behaviors, and preferences to know for the everyday consumer

Consumers' enthusiasm remains strong throughout the year, and their interest in researching and shopping for products has been on the rise. Rising costs of goods and services, alongside concerns about inflation, have further fueled this behavior. As a result, brands are facing the challenge of meeting consumers' needs effectively and guiding them through the purchase process.

Nativo's own Greg Friend from Nativo recently joined forces with AdAge for an insightful webinar, exploring essential trends for retailers, consumer reactions to inflation, the newest e-commerce habits, and more.

Watch the full webinar now!

Read "2022-2023 Consumer Shopping Trends" prepared by Nativo Insights now to learn:

  • The effect of inflation concerns on consumers
  • Accelerating the purchase journey using content experiences
  • What triggers consumers to make a purchase after reading about a product



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