CPG Retail Insights Report 2022

Read our insights report on content, purchase behaviors, and preferences to know for this holiday season

Consumers are enthusiastic as ever about the holidays. However, concerns about inflation and rising costs of products and services are causing customers to research more and start holiday shopping even earlier. This makes it even more important for brands to meet consumers where they are, with product-focused education that accelerates the purchase journey.

Nativo's own Greg Friend teamed up with AdAge for a webinar where he dove into the must-know trends for retailers when it comes to the upcoming holiday season, consumer reactions to inflation, the newest e-commerce habits, and more. Check it out:

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Read "2022-2023 Consumer Shopping Trends" prepared by Nativo Insights now to learn:

  • The effect of inflation concerns on consumers
  • Accelerating the purchase journey using content experiences
  • What triggers consumers to make a purchase after reading about a product



Check Your Retail Pulse: Connecting with Consumers This Holiday Season

Watch our on-demand webinar on how to connect with consumer behaviors this holiday season


Content drives engagement for Advertisers. Publishers, here’s how to maximize that investment

Here are simple considerations to help ensure that your branded content stands out and drives impact.

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Leading Luxury Resort Case Study

Nativo worked with a leading luxury resort to drive awareness on offerings and experiences in Maui