What Will Digital Recovery Look Like In 2021?

MarTech Cube | January 18, 2021 Lauren Castro, director of platform operations at Nativo, discusses her 2021 predictions.

If we learned anything from 2021, it’s this: the only certainty in life is uncertainty.

That being said, there are a few ways brands can prepare for 2021 and all of the twists and turns it might bring. In her article for MarTech Cube, Nativo Director of Platform Operations Lauren Castro outlines the industry trends brands should pay attention to as they prepare for the unexpected in 2021 and beyond.

  • The Only Certainty? Uncertainty. Agility is going to become more important than ever as pent-up demand leads to increased ad spend in the second half of the year. Expect to see an acceleration of supply path optimization, requests for more flexible terms and a focus on unique formats and executions to help brands stand out.
  • Return-on-Content Takes Center Stage. As the advertising world seeks to recover from COVID-19, CMOs will be paying closer attention to their bottom lines — and as a result, brands will need to rely more than ever on data-backed decisions to help rationalize spend. An increased focus on data will likely help spur content innovation, and ultimately increase brand engagement.
  • The Cookieless Solution Search. All eyes are on the advertising industry as we seek to find a solution to the third-party cookie conundrum posed by Google’s decision to remove them from Chrome. 2021 presents the Ad Tech community with the perfect opportunity to reprioritize better ad experiences and consumer relationships.

You can read all of Lauren’s tips on staying ahead of 2021’s twists and turns in MarTech Cube.

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