Discover How a Luxury Resort Skyrocketed Site Traffic by 124% via Nativo

Nativo worked with a leading luxury resort to drive awareness on offerings and experiences in Maui


Luxury travel resort was looking for opportunities to drive awareness and increase bookings for their exclusive rooms and luxury suites.

Their challenges? Understanding where they fit in the luxury travel space and how the leading luxury resort can stand out in a crowded industry during a travel rebound. Specifically, they were looking to keep their hotel on top of the minds of luxury travelers.


The easing of travel restrictions, consumers' pent-up savings & vacation demand all led to the spring travel boom of 2022. The wait is over, a window is open for consumers who have wanted to travel somewhere for a long time.

  • 1 in 4 American travelers in a recent survey agree that they continue to actively seek out articles and blog posts to help them guide their travel
  • 62% of travelers stated that they would like to see a video before making a final booking decision

Making Nativo’s storytelling platform the ultimate partner to connect with travelers who were seeking out how to make their luxury island travel a reality.


What did Nativo do? Build a content strategy around driving awareness and consideration for the luxury resort’s offerings and experiences on Maui utilizing Nativo’s proprietary Native Article format to influence conversions. Leveraging Native Articles engaged consumers interested in traveling by educating them first through vibrant images & videos, and easy-to-follow information about the hotel and travel destination.

Each article had a specific objective:

  • Awareness: Establish hotel as thought leader in luxury travel space and elevate brand, educating prospective travelers on reasons to travel to location
  • Consideration: Hone in on specific offerings at the hotel, including details on accommodations and amenities, and exclusive activities at the hotel


With the help of Native Article, the content strongly resonated with luxury travelers, and continued to elevate the brand and educate consumers on why the hotel is right for them. Through engaging long-form content, the brand drove a 2:1 increase in revenue and exceeded the engagement benchmark.

  • 10% Lift in click through rate: Headlines that mentioned the hotel name drove a 10% lift in CTR from the native in-feed unit to Native Article page.
  • 124% Increase in site traffic: Headlines that mentioned the hotel name drove a 124% lift in CTA from the Native Article page to the brand’s site


This campaign revealed that readers are actively seeking out information on luxury travel and want to be educated in making informed decisions about where to stay & what to do. Eye-catching visuals, aspirational subject matter and multiple click-outs drove readers to click through to the brand page 22.4% above benchmark.

Aspirational Visuals

  • High-quality, aspirational vacation imagery and video content allows readers to envision themselves on a trip and thus encourages them to dive deeper into learning more about the resort areas they find appealing

Think Bigger Than Just the Brand

  • Lean into helpful, informative content on the resort as well as the general destination (e.g. activities to do, sightseeing opportunities, etc.) to keep the brand top of mind as travelers enter the initial planning stages

From Dreaming to Planning

  • Including multiple click-outs throughout both articles provides vacation dreamers opportunities to learn more about how they can plan a vacation that appeals to them specifically

To learn more, check out the full case study below.

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