Harness the Power of Every Vote: Nativo’s Approach to Political Campaigns

Every vote is a voice that shapes the future

In the rapidly evolving political landscape, every vote is not just a number—it's a voice that shapes the future. 

As the midterm and primary election seasons draw closer, the pulse of the nation changes with a heightened interest for political clarity and information. With Nativo’s political strategies, your content can navigate the complexities of modern voter engagement and ensure your message not only reaches but resonates with voters. 

Insights Shaping Tomorrow's Votes

  • Every Vote Matters: Recent elections have unequivocally demonstrated the power of every single vote – this truth becomes the cornerstone of our approach
  • Increased Political Engagement: The appetite for political content surges as we approach critical voting milestones, especially in swing states where the weight of responsibility is profoundly felt
  • Early Voters: With 47% of voters casting their ballots before Election Day in 2022, the need to connect early and effectively is more critical than ever

Navigating the Political Landscape

As of late, political content is being limited across social media:

  • Social media platforms are defaulting to limited political content across users feeds, making it harder for your election information to be seen
  • Important information regarding voting, campaigns, propositions, measures, movements and more needs to reach constituents more than ever, right now

How Nativo Can Impact Your Political Campaign

  • Massive Reach: Access an unparalleled network of over 8000+ sites, reaching 227MM monthly uniques across national and local news publications and political sites
  • Seamless Integration: Break away from disruptive ad formats – Nativo’s native formats blend into the user's content consumption experience, fostering engagement without intrusion
  • Diverse Headline Variations: Speak directly to various voter segments with tailored headlines, optimizing for the most impactful messaging
  • Instant Activation: Leverage easy-to-implement formats like Native Display, Native Video, and Native Stories to hit the ground running
  • Real-time Feedback: Gain invaluable insights through content polls and audience feedback, collecting first-party data for future strategic planning

Nativo reaches...

across premium sites

SPARC: The Future of Voter Identification

Identify new, cookieless voters with while achieving a 2x greater click-through-rate with SPARC, powered by Nativo Predictive Audiences:

  • Model seed audience against privacy compliant, contextual affinity signals using machine learning
  • Expand audience to maximum lookalike readers with high propensity to engage with your brand based on persona consumption profile
  • Contextual, browser/device, location, and timing signals tell us who, where, how and when to reach this extensive audience

Elevate Your Political Content Strategy

Do you have the content to captivate the electorate’s curiosity? We offer comprehensive solutions:

  • Content Strategy Development: Identifying opportunities to refine and evolve your messaging
  • Content Auditing: Pinpointing impactful content for amplification
  • Content Adaptation: Refreshing and repurposing existing assets for enhanced user experiences
  • Content Ideation and Creation: Crafting unique and compelling content narratives to engage and inspire
  • Content Insights: Deploying content with a focus on testing and learning to glean actionable insights

In the dynamic realm of political engagement, where every voice matters and the landscape is constantly shifting, Nativo stands to be your strategic ally. With our advanced targeting technologies, seamless content integration, and comprehensive services, your campaign is poised to not just navigate but excel in the digital political landscape. Together, let's ensure your message resonates with every voter, shaping the future one vote, one voice at a time.

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