Health & Pharma Insights Report

New healthcare insights about the 2023 healthcare patient and landscape
Health & Pharma Insights Report 2022

Healthcare is at once personal and universal. The individual patient experience is shaped by identity, needs and stage of life. But in our uniquely structured healthcare system, certain pain points transcend demographics.

With WebMD on their browser and physician influencers in their feeds, who do patients turn to for information they trust? What triggers their research process - and what questions are they most likely trying to answer? How do attitudes change if your audience is Gen X or Gen Z, caregiver or patient, in the highest tax bracket or in the lowest?

Download the Health & Pharma Insights Report to learn:

  • The attitudes, pain points & priorities of the 2023 healthcare patient
  • How demographic nuances influence patient attitudes & behaviors
  • Where patients go to find healthcare content they trust
  • What types of branded health content patients find most impactful
  • Whether DE&I initiatives, cost-saving programs or telemedicine offerings impact patient decision-making


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