Holiday Goes Digital: Generating Holiday Sales From Home

Retail TouchPoints | October 16, 2020 This holiday season, focus on recreating multi-sessional shopping carts online.

Retail TouchPoints | October 16, 2020 - This holiday season is almost guaranteed to look a bit different. As we head into our ninth month of a global pandemic, consumer confidence in in-store shopping remains low. According to a Think With Google survey, 47% of shoppers plan to leverage buy online/curbside pickup options this holiday season - and eMarketer is reporting an expected 35.8% surge in US retail ecommerce sales to $190.47 billion, an incremental increase of $50.19 billion in holiday ecommerce sales vs. last year.

With more consumers than ever looking to complete their holiday shopping online in 2020, brands need to think outside of the box to stand out online. Nativo’s brand strategy and planning lead, Cherie Desai, spoke with Retail TouchPoints on what brands should be thinking about as we approach an unorthodox holiday season.

Replicating the Multi-Session Shopping Experience

During holidays past, retailers have largely relied on in-store shopping to drive holiday sales. The reasons are many, but boil down to one thing: multi-sessional and multi-cart buying. Consumers start out looking for a specific item, but due to in-store displays and strategic product placements, leave with many more, across multiple categories.

Without this tried and true tactic, retailers need to get creative to capture consumer attention - and make up lost revenue - in the soon to be crowded digital holiday landscape. There are a few key tactics brands might want to consider to do so:

  • Promote awareness-generating content earlier in the year.
  • Develop more online offer bundles.
  • Create sequential messaging across several product lines.

For information on how to execute each of these tactics, check out Cherie’s full article in Retail TouchPoints.

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