VISIT FLORIDA Uses Stories with SPARC, powered by Nativo Predictive Audiences and Sees 80% Increase in Click Through Rate

Nativo worked with VISIT FLORIDA to boost statewide travel among locals


  • VISIT FLORIDA sought to evoke Florida pride and boost statewide travel among locals with their LoveFL campaign.


Leaning into Nativo’s travel vertical insights, VISIT FLORIDA discovered:

  • Local travelers needed less education and more visual inspiration than airline travelers when making travel decisions.

  • Gen Z & Millennial audiences tend to be less Florida-loyal than Gen X & Boomers, opting to seek out unique adventures and experiences over locations.


Expand VISIT FLORIDA's audience base using SPARC to drive engagement via Nativo’s Native Stories format.

  • SPARC, powered by Nativo Predictive Audiences, leveraged VISIT FLORIDA's historical engagement data to build a custom audience model based on behavior, activating Florida-based target audiences with travel and adjacent interests.

  • Native Stories’ short, eye-catching format mirrors social platforms, which better engaged younger audiences and built awareness among broader local audiences.


Our LoveFL campaign exceeded all KPIs with SPARC, powered by Nativo Predictive Audiences.

  • 80% increase in overall click-through rate.
  • 18% increase in overall time spent on content.
  • 16% increase in overall call-to-action rate.
  • 3.9% click-through rate in Gen Z audiences.
  • 3.6% click-through rate in Millennial audiences.

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