How Spectrum Recruitment Increased Job Applications & New Hires with Native Article

Nativo worked with Spectrum to help find new ways to engage talent utilizing Native Article and Native Display


Spectrum was looking for opportunities to get in front of job seekers and high-skilled technology professionals to attract and recruit new talent.

Their challenge was figuring out how to attract and recruit talent knowing that the ability to engage talent is rapidly changing and the U.S. was experiencing a labor shortage.


Through August 2021, the number of available jobs in the U.S. exceeded the number of available workers.

Making Nativo’s storytelling platform the ultimate partner to find new ways to engage talent — getting to them before they even consider a career change.


Build a content strategy around educating prospects & job seekers about Spectrum’s core values, social causes, benefits, and career specific content utilizing Nativo’s proprietary Native Article and retargeting with our Native Display format.


  • 359 job applications following a 2-month flight
  • 15 new hires
  • 77% average time spent on content above industry benchmark

Nativo was also able to drive significant improvement of Spectrum’s brand name and perception in market:

  • Headlines that mentioned “Spectrum” drove a 200% lift in CTR quarter over quarter
  • 72 seconds spent on career site from audience who read Nativo content (compared to their average benchmark of 60 seconds)

We’re thrilled with the instant impact the Nativo campaign has had on job applications and hires, especially considering that this was primarily an awareness campaign, with the secondary goal of driving applications on our site. You all have been an absolute pleasure to work with!

-Senior Director, Employer Brand & Social Media, Spectrum

BONUS: Watch a one-on-one chat between Nativo's SVP, Jordan Hyman, and Spectrum's Senior Director, Head of Talent Attraction, Vanessa Sain-Dieguez, as they discuss how to use branded content to attract and recruit talent. Click here to watch now!

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