How We Hire At Nativo

Steps to expect when considering a career with us

Here at Nativo, we help brands connect their content to outcomes. 

Some processes may vary by country or job function, but overall, you can expect the following steps when considering a career with us.

Step 1: Applying

Search open positions and apply online for those that align with your skills, experience, and career goals. If you are unsure whether to apply, we encourage you to do so—and if you're not ready to apply yet, you can always join our talent community.

Step 2: Screening

The People Team will review your application and reach out for an initial conversation if your skills and experience match the position for which you applied.  Depending on the role, we may set up a 15–30 minute phone or virtual conversation with a recruiter or hiring manager, where you can ask questions and share more about your ambitions. This step will be an opportunity to get intel on who you’ll meet in the process and technical exercises that might be part of the interview process. We’ll also use this information to help explore other roles that may be a better fit. For Engineering or Design applicants, you'll skip this step and go directly into a coding or design exercise before heading to the next part of the process; a member of the People Team will share all the details!

Step 3: Interviewing

You'll have a chance to meet with the hiring manager, team, and other potential teammates. These interactions will help us both determine whether you’ll thrive at Nativo. We schedule all our interviews via Zoom as a remote-first company. We understand if your family or pets are present—it’s part of working in a fully distributed workforce. 

All-in-One Video Interview: After the initial call,  you’ll have the opportunity to talk directly with your potential manager or someone you will be working closely with to better understand the team’s goals and the scope of the role. We want to get to know you better and will ask more detailed questions about your ambitions, experience, skills, and technical expertise.

In-Depth Interviews: 

  • Team Interview(s): You will meet multiple members of the hiring team or peer panels that will focus on different skill areas. Don’t be afraid to be yourself! These conversations offer opportunities to meet new people, learn more about the role, and seek answers to your questions from those you’ll be connecting with regularly.
  • Technical Interview: In some cases (mostly engineering roles), there is a technical or coding exercise. Unlike other types of interviews, technical interviews involve fun challenges and assignments.

The purpose of the technical interview is not to trick you with riddles, brain teasers, or impossible questions. Instead, it’s to show your skills and how you tackle problems – especially ones you might face on the job!

Depending on the role, we often ask candidates to complete a small project or assignment (please don’t stress; we would never spring this on you without warning). These could be anything from a case study assessment to a sample project or exercise.

We design these projects to simulate the capabilities needed for the job and allow you the opportunity to evaluate if you enjoy doing this type of work! The goal here is not to put more pressure or add more work on you but to help us understand how you think about and approach solving our most pressing business issues. We are always here to help you with any questions you may have along the way.

Step 4: Decision

We’ll notify you about the hiring team's decision—and you will never be left wondering where we are in our process. If we extend you an offer, your recruiter or hiring manager will explain the details so you can ask any questions and make a fully informed decision.

We are constantly looking for great people and would be thrilled for you to join our Talent Community. Our Talent Community is often one of the first places we go to connect talent with future opportunities that may be a better match!

Step 5: Remote Onboarding

We pride ourselves on having an interactive onboarding experience, and we’ve continued to make it unique for new team members—even when working virtually! Before your first day, we’ll send all the equipment you need to perform your job. You’ll also receive an email with our remote work guide. We’ll check in with you frequently leading up to your first day and on your first day you will receive your getting started guide! Welcome to the team!


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