Improve Ad Revenue with Premium & Direct Demand

76% of advertisers said that they would only directly partner with publishers
Improve Ad Revenue with Premium & Direct Demand

The market is moving away from cookies which have shifted the tides in a publisher’s favor. ‘Ad Tech’ will start to thin out benefiting both Advertisers and Publishers - meaning more budget will go to advertising and direct to publishers rather than siphoned by tech fees.

We believe publishers can write the story of what happens next, and we think it will include more premium and direct demand sources and a lot less indirect demand.

More than 60% of publishers expected digital revenue growth in a post-third party cookie era, but few outline how. We explore how publishers can capitalize during the new privacy-first era in this ebook.

Download this eBook to explore how recent industry trends empower publishers to improve ad revenue, through:

  1. More premium and direct demand
  2. Supporting alternative revenue strategies
  3. Improving first-party data strategies ... and much more!



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