Latency: The Devastating Tax That Publishers Are Ignoring

Digital Content Next | February 17, 2020 The latency tax contributes to low viewability, user abandonment and decreased monetization.

Digital Content Next | February 17,  2020 -  Publishers today face a latency tax that affects every aspect of their business. The tax comes with three specific sub-taxes: low viewability, poor UX and user abandonment.

As advertisers increasingly rely on viewability metrics, latency will directly impact publisher monetization efforts. Almost all publishers experience several seconds of lag between content and ad load, causing shifting content that creates a negative UX. Bad UX and abandonment will generate fewer readers on publisher sites - and fewer monetization opportunities.

Nativo CEO Justin Choi expands on the publisher latency tax in his article, “Latency: the devastating tax that publishers are ignoring,” featured in Digital Content Next.

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Justin ChoiNativo CEO
Justin ChoiNativo CEO

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