Leading Beauty Retailer Uses Nativo Predictive Audiences to Increase Performance 66%

A leading beauty retailer expands reach of holiday shoppers using Nativo Predictive Audiences


A leading beauty retailer was looking to drive consideration among highly qualified prospects interested in holiday shopping to their brand site to build awareness and deliver qualified leads.


Native Display was combined with Nativo Predictive Audiences, which uses proprietary engagement data and machine learning, to find holiday shoppers as a cookie-free, scaled solution.


Nativo Predictive Audiences Outperforms 3rd Party Data:

  • 45% Lower Cost Per Click (CPC) than 3P Data
  • 66% Greater Click Through Rate (CTR) compared to 3P Data

Nativo Predictive Audiences Performance in Cookieless Environments (Safari, iOS):

  • 63% Lower CPC than contextual targeting in cookieless environments
  • 160% Greater CTR than contextual targeting in cookieless environments


  • Nativo Predictive Audiences outperformed 3P Data targeting by 20% for the subset of users who still have cookies
  • Nativo Predictive Audiences is an extremely effective solution for reaching a brand’s intended audience in cookieless environments (Safari, iOS)
  • On average, Nativo Predictive Audiences sees a 51% higher clickthrough rate than traditional targeting methods (contextual, retargeting, 3rd party)

Why Nativo Predictive Audiences?

Unlike data targeting, Nativo Predictive Audiences uses engagement data from our exclusive content offerings to build an audience model based on behavior rather than attributes. Combining proprietary data, contextual signals, and machine learning Nativo finds and delivers new users most likely to engage with your ad and convert. This allows advertisers to reach their desired audiences even on browsers that block or limit the use of cookies.

Nativo Predictive Audiences technology enables brands to find new users within their target audience, and identify those most likely to engage with branded content. The demonstrated performance lift over traditional third-party audience targeting has been impressive, with clients achieving notable results across all categories. On average, Nativo Predictive Audiences outperforms third-party data targeting with a 43% lift in viewable clickthrough rate and 48% lift in time spent on content.

Consideration to action: The solution is built to find users in the consideration phase, drive the new users to site thus increasing click-through conversions and strengthening retargeting tactics. In other words, it’s meant to drive users from consideration to action.

Qualified audience to quality site traffic: The model is an effective solution for driving quality site traffic as it utilizes a highly qualified audience from native article engaged users that have already shown a propensity to click on native display ads and engage with branded content and thus more likely to also engage with site content post ad click.

Highly Efficient Campaigns: No on-boarding of data. Find new users to build out retargeting pools. Attain greater audience reach and reduced latency by serving safari and iOS users. Data is continuously updated and optimized.

  • Fully privacy compliant and future proof
  • Data is continuously updated and optimized
  • Highly efficient bidstream leading to reduced carbon emissions

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