Maximize Your Content Marketing ROI: Create a Flexible and Effective Production Plan

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn tips for building an annual content strategy

Discover how to create a content production plan and content strategy that you can repurpose to achieve different goals, impact different audiences, and suit every season. This webinar covers key elements your brand needs to succeed in 2023 and beyond!

Watch these clips that detail best practices for developing a content production plan.

Content Marketing: Your Recession-Proof Tool

Content marketing is a versatile tool that works throughout the sales funnel, and its importance persists during tough economic times like recessions.

Building a “Smarter/Not Harder” Content Plan

Learn the two key elements of developing an efficient content production plan and discover the four steps needed to create a plan that “works smarter not harder.”

Establish Your Goals

Understanding who your audience is, the challenges they face, and your desired outcomes are the framework for establishing content marketing objectives.

Conduct A Content Audit

Access current materials that you have for assets that can potentially be repurposed in an efficient way.

Past & Future Content Learnings

Create efficiency by building off what you already know. Learn from what you’ve done and use that information to guide future content planning.

Map It Out

Make a plan that includes seasonal priorities, company initiatives, and more!

Download the full webinar, "Maximize Your Content Marketing ROI: Create a Flexible and Effective Production Plan", an Adweek x Nativo webinar, on demand now to learn:

  • Why you should curate or repurpose content
  • When, why and how to greenlight totally new content
  • Content repurposing pitfalls to avoid and more



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