Media Tech Execs Reveal Their 2022 Playbook

Here are some big trends media execs are watching. Plus, learn about their insights in the business of digital media.
Media Tech Execs Reveal Their 2022 Playbook

Digital Content Next | December 27, 2021 - As we head into 2022, we’re rocking in the wake of pandemic-era changes. Media executives have plenty to manage from staffing to workplace transformation. It’s important that we enter the new year with an informed perspective and to be ready for the challenges and opportunities ahead. Various DCN partners echoed big trends being watched and offer insight in the business of digital media.

Nativo's Justin Choi, President and  CEO:

“Over the past years, we’ve seen non-traditional publishers start to double down on advertising, and it’s a trend we expect to accelerate in 2022.  Non-traditional publishers take any number of forms, [which] include retail and commerce companies and utility-based sites and apps such as rideshare. Many of these have enormous volumes of traffic, deep customer engagement and the golden goose: first-party data. With non-traditional publishers, it’s vital that it’s vital that ad experiences do not take users out of their walled gardens or detract from the primary experience.”

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