Nativo Sees Increased Adoption Of Its Mobile Ads SDK

MarTech Series | July 15, 2020 Publishers report an average 14% increase in CPM after upgrading to version 5.

MarTech Series | July 15, 2020 - Nativo, the most advanced technology platform for advertising, today announced its latest release of Mobile Ads SDK, which seamlessly integrates native ads into publishers’ Android and iOS mobile apps, has seen a 27% growth in adoption between January and May. The Mobile Ads SDK version 5 has unlocked new inventory on premium content-based apps that accounts for an increase of 30% of overall inventory for the same period.

Nativo’s Mobile Ads SDK allows publishers with sophisticated direct-sales programs to easily monetize mobile apps and attract new buyers who are looking for an expanded mobile reach. Publishers also have access to seamless integration and approval process to launch new formats or placements and a complete catalog of engaging native formats, including native video and Nativo-exclusive Native Article.

“As a mobile-first company, we realized that native ad formats are what drive increased engagement and retention among our app users,” said Kevin Ho, Co-Founder, Product, Glow, Inc. “Whether the user is scrolling through our community feed or whether the ad unit is on the app's home page, native ad units fit better within the overall user experience, which in turn contributes to retention on our apps. And for us internally, the biggest driver to why we started working with Nativo and would love to continue the relationship is the revenue lift we are seeing after integrating Nativo's Mobile Ads SDK.”

The latest release of Mobile Ads SDK includes:

  • IAB Open Measurement (OM) SDK Support - to increase monetization with MOAT OM SDK support for consistent tracking of ad viewability events within mobile apps.
  • React Native Support - to enable ease of integration with a React Native wrapper for publishers using React across iOS and Android.
  • Brand Safety Support - to provide full support of Grapeshot’s IAB brand safety categories for mobile ad placements so as to accept campaigns and unlock demand that are contingent on brand safety ratings.
  • CCPA & GDPR Compliance - to unlock additional demand from advertisers that require  consent signals from users as per the IAB Framework.

“We are excited to see a major boost in adoption of Nativo’s Mobile Ads SDK across mobile platforms,” said Jason Kalin, SVP, Publisher Development at Nativo. “Today’s digital advertising landscape is shifting toward a privacy-centric ecosystem and with regulations like CCPA and GDPR, publishers need to stay compliant while continuing to find ways to monetize effectively. This integration allows publishers to access new ad dollars from mobile-focused advertisers and win incremental revenue at higher CPMs without sacrificing user privacy.”

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