Nativo Generates 38% Increase In Publisher Revenue Per Available Impression (RPM)

Between Q2 and Q3 2020 Nativo’s monetization suite dramatically increased publisher RPM.

2020’s been a rough year for almost everyone - publishers included. Despite an ongoing surge in online content consumption since March, publishers are struggling under the heavy weight of aggressive advertiser blocklists, endless news cycles and rapid browser changes - not to mention Google’s third-party cookie announcement.

All things considered, publishers continue to rally - and preserve their bottom lines. Between Q2 and Q3 2020, arguably the height of the pandemic, Nativo publishers saw a 38% increase in revenue per available impression (RPM) from Nativo sourced demand.*

How are our publishers keeping monetization strong? It boils down to three things.



In the current environment, publishers with ad placements that accept multiple ad types and demand sources are at a significant advantage. Unfortunately, not all ad servers or SSPs have the technology that supports these activities and preserves the user experience.

Nativo supports both. Here’s why that matters.

Nativo’s ad server can insert multiple ad formats into a single placement, from Nativo’s exclusive Native Article to Native Video and even standard display. Publishers maintain full control of their placement, enabling optimization for preferential ad formats that optimize UX - or for those formats that generate the strongest revenue.

Nativo operates a holistic auction based on various demand sources directly through our own ad server. Demand sources include programmatic, self-service, managed service, publisher-sourced campaigns and more. Operating the auction on our own server and accepting a variety of demand sources ensures that publisher monetization is prioritized throughout the auction process - every time.

Unique Demand


Quality matters, especially in times when demand isn’t always guaranteed. Though early pandemic content consumption increased, advertiser budgets and aggressive blocklisting  prevented publishers from fully realizing revenue potential. To circumvent this issue, publishers must partner with vendors that offer unique, high-quality and stable demand.

Nativo is much more than an endpoint solution - we’re a trusted content distribution partner that drives results for top brands. We employ direct sales and client success teams to woo and retain prominent, premium advertisers, delivering high-quality demand - and budgets - into the Nativo network. These relationships are cultivated to ensure success for advertisers and publishers alike.

Advertisers know native advertising works, especially during times of uncertainty. Throughout the pandemic, consumers have sought information - not sales pitches.* Content is the perfect vehicle for advertisers to educate and entertain audiences when times are tough, proving native advertising a stable demand channel for publishers regardless of the circumstances.

Engaging Formats


This year, brands know that creating genuine consumer connections isn’t a nice to have - it’s a survival strategy. But brands are also managing limited budgets, and are on the hunt for inventive formats that achieve specific KPIs to generate strong ROI.

Nativo delivers a robust suite of unique, engaging formats that advertisers love. Why? They achieve results.

Accepting Nativo demand enables publishers to fill inventory with unique formats featuring premium brands. No matter the advertiser goal, Nativo has a format that will work. Accepting our demand empowers publishers to gain access to our formats, demand sources and top advertiser content. An added bonus? With our Nativo Edge solution, publishers can accelerate ad delivery, resulting in up to 77% RPM gain.*

  • Native Article matches premium brand content to the look and feel of your publication dynamically, and is proven to achieve 3X greater purchase consideration than content consumed off-site.**
  • Native Video places brand videos directly in your editorial newsfeed, a seamless native integration that provides advertisers with 50% higher lift than when compared to standard pre-roll.***
  • Native Display drives conversations with 8x greater CTR than traditional display.*
  • Native Stories inspires engagement and emotion with an immersive, full-screen visual experience designed for today’s mobile user while generating CTA rates as high as 4-6%.*

A trusted advertising partner, Nativo’s unique position yields premium demand particularly valuable in times of uncertainty. From unique technology to quality demand and engaging formats, Nativo delivers publishers a full suite of monetization options that guarantee satisfied users and a strong bottom line.


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