Nativo Brings Breakthrough Attribution For Content To Travel Marketers

Yahoo! Finance | June 13, 2019 - Travel marketers can finally connect content to conversions.

Yahoo! Finance | June 13, 2019 - Nativo, the leading technology platform for brand content advertising, today announced its partnership with ADARA, the world’s travel data co-op, to improve options for brands in the travel category. Nativo is the first native solution provider to bring travel attribution into the marketplace, empowering a brand with return-on-content insights and positive return on advertising spending.

Brands are now able to use the combined power of Nativo and ADARA as they guide visitors along the path to purchase. Together the two companies offer marketers storytelling at scale via authentic native experiences and the ability to measure real world impact. According to Expedia, travelers in the US, Canada, and Britain visit an average of 290 websites across multiple devices over a 45-day period prior to booking. Marketers know the content that travelers consume is critical for engaging them and getting them to purchase, but now they have proof points to validate their investment in the form of flight and hotel online search and bookings post Native Article exposure.

“With the ADARA-Nativo partnership, we are able to measure results while gaining valuable insight into our audience, allowing us to create more meaningful connections through content,” said Michael Pierce, Chief Digital Officer at Odney, the ad agency that executed a campaign using the Nativo-ADARA partnership to boost North Dakota Tourism. “It was fascinating to see how specific pieces of content were more effective in driving consumers to search and book their travel to North Dakota.”  

From February through April, the North Dakota Tourism campaign leveraged Native Article, where audiences discovered their content via a native ad while highly engaged within publisher newsfeeds. Users are led to a content landing page, which serves branded content to match the look and feel of 400+ premium publishers and is consumed on-site for a truly seamless user experience. In fact, audiences who reached the content landing page were 5x more likely to conduct airline and hotel searches for North Dakota vs. ad exposure alone. For every dollar spent, North Dakota Tourism achieved an ROAS of $2.38 including lodging and vacation spend.

“Our partnership with Nativo empowers marketers to deliver more relevant content to travelers, with results that can be measured with sophisticated attribution methodologies in real time,” said Richard Yim, Vice President Products at ADARA. “As marketers focus more on data-driven personalization and relevance, they need the combination of targeting, content and insights that this partnership provides.”


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