Nativo Certified as a Minority Business Enterprise

Leader in content technology continues its commitment to diversity and inclusion with certification from NMSDC

Nativo, the most advanced content technology platform where advertisers and publishers distribute brand stories at scale, today announced it has been certified as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) by the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC). The MBE certification is recognized nationally and Nativo has met the certification requirements set forth by NMSDC, which requires a business to be at least 51% minority-owned, managed, and controlled.

“As an Asian immigrant with a very mixed upbringing, I grew up in an era where diversity felt like a hindrance. Now raising a child of both Latin and mixed Asian heritage, I feel humbled and honored that he is growing up at a time when diversity is increasingly celebrated as a strength,” said Justin Choi, Founder and CEO of Nativo. “At Nativo, we bring together diverse talents from different backgrounds and life experiences to deliver on our mission. It’s core to who we are. We are grateful that organizations like NMSDC exist to recognize companies that put diversity at their core.”

This certification comes after Nativo was awarded Best Company for Woman and Best Company for Diversity by Comparably. 

“Being certified by NMSDC aligns with our belief in elevating all voices at Nativo. One of our core values—we are strengthened by our differences—helps guide us every day. Our commitment to fostering a workplace that includes diverse perspectives fuels innovation and delivers on the promise that everyone feels like they belong,” said Mark Putrus, Chief People Officer at Nativo.

There are over 700 national corporate members that are recognized as part of the NMSDC, and more than 1,000 corporate members through the 23 regional NMSDC affiliates. Nativo is proud to join the ranks of these members and other minority-owned businesses that have a continuous and ongoing focus on diversity and inclusion.

About Nativo

Nativo is the storytelling platform where brands and publishers can distribute brand stories at scale while gaining more insights about their content than anywhere else. For brands, Nativo enables storytelling at scale with the largest native reach and reveals insights that unlock return-on-content. For publishers, Nativo enriches monetization with the most comprehensive platform for next-generation ad formats and breakthrough technology for accelerated webpages. Nativo's mission is to equip advertising for the age of content, improving the web experience and creating meaningful connections for today's digital consumer. Learn more


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