Nativo Drove Public Perception of Leading Healthcare Brand Up by 63%

Nativo worked with a leading healthcare brand to improve their brand name and perception in the market


In what should be their shining hour, in the wake of world-saving vaccines and medical innovation, the pharmaceutical industry remains more challenged than ever.

Long-standing historical distrust perpetuates the views of varied consumer groups. Brands suffer from an overarching judgment against the industry as a whole, with strong consumer awareness of “big pharma” but little awareness of individual brands, and even less interest in understanding their contributions outside pipeline development.

The challenge was to position, or reinforce the position, of their brand as a solid corporate citizen and leader across science, technology, and the environment.


Following the COVID-19 pandemic and the production of vaccines, there was a huge surge in familiarity with the Pharma industry and specific pharma brands.

Some appreciation was built among consumers for the potential and promise of the work these companies were doing and their speed in finding a solution. However, positive perception — or favorability — was always tied to the people behind the innovations, whereas trust in pharma institutions themselves has continued to steadily decline even throughout the pandemic.


Deliver branded content to the three audiences in contextually relevant environments, with dynamic creative to power click-through and illuminate keyword and messaging insights.


Nativo was able to drive significant improvement of the Leading Healthcare Brand’s name and perception in market:

  • 63% favorable public perception
  • 48% favorable investor perception
  • 63% favorable opinion leaders' perception


The study showed that brand health doesn’t change overnight- it’s a constantly evolving process that needs to be measured and evaluated to ensure that what the content brands are producing matters to their audience. Testing brand health and lift over time, combined with content testing/insights is key to brand creating cohesive messaging that is relevant to the different segments in their audiences

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