Introducing The Nativo Enterprise Ad Platform

Version 4 of our next-generation platform powers ad sales with the most advanced advertising technology.

With the convergence of a cookieless future and the deep magnifying lens on privacy, more marketers are looking to work directly with publishers to reach their audiences. This is a great opportunity for digital publishers to recapture control with direct sales.

Which is exactly why we updated our platform with new formats, deeper insights and streamlined workflows for more efficient and effective campaign management.

An evolution of the Nativo Ad Platform, the Nativo Enterprise Ad Platform features all new advanced direct sales tools to help you compete with walled gardens and differentiate your business in a post-cookie world, including:

It’s a new year, with new opportunities. Don’t miss out on getting ahead of the direct sales curve with version 4 of the Nativo Enterprise Ad Platform.

Integrated ad formats


The secret to closing direct sales? Enticing formats that advertisers can rely on.

Proven to outperform standard display,* the flexible, integrated formats offered on the Nativo Enterprise Ad Platform — including Native Article, Native Video and Native Display inspire, engage and drive conversions throughout the entire consumer journey.  Our advanced ad serving technology matches each execution to the look and feel of your publications and placements, creating a superior user experience that keeps readers onsite longer — generating additional monetization opportunities in the process.

Our newest format, Native Stories, inspires engagement and emotion using immersive, vertical image and video formats that take control of a reader’s entire mobile screen. This mobile-first sponsored content execution is faster to execute and more visual than Native Article, yielding advertiser CTA rates as high as 4-6%.*

*Native Article: 50% brand lift, Native Display: 8X greater CTR, Native Video: 3X greater purchase intention - Nativo Enterprise Ad Platform data, compared to display retargeting.


Comprehensive campaign and performance management


Half of the direct sales battle is capturing advertiser dollars. The other half? Delivering against campaign goals. The Nativo Enterprise Ad Platform makes doing so more effective and efficient with an improved campaign management hub, advanced monitoring controls and streamlined creative workflows.

New campaign management hub

Updated UI for charts, budget performance and navigation.

Get a visual health check of your campaigns right when you need it with all new color-coded performance, audience and category graphics available directly within the Campaign Hub.

This at-a-glance view of your campaign and budget summaries is now front and center, allowing for faster campaign management — especially for complex budgets. Compare key performance metrics to quickly make decisions around campaign or budget performance to meet your delivery goals.

Clear pacing and monitoring

Improved ability to monitor pacing and delivery.

Effortlessly monitor pacing and delivery with new built-in views of daily spend breakdown and target delivery within the Campaign Hub. Explicit visual call outs for budget status and pacing, along with bulk edit actions, enable you to identify and correct threats to your delivery goals before they arise.

Streamlined creative workflows

Easy-to-navigate workflows, efficient creative approvals and shareable creative previews.

Streamline creative development, sharing and approvals with the all new Creative Editors available on the Nativo Enterprise Ad Platform.

Getting started is simple: Drag and drop images into the Creative Editor to begin building your first in-feed unit. From there, add additional images and headlines to optimize performance, and enable/disable options within the same workflow.


Tip: Add a minimum of 6-10 headlines and 2 images to make the most of Nativo Creative Optimization, a Nativo Enterprise Ad Platform feature proven to improve campaign performance by 3X.*

*Nativo Enterprise Ad Platform data.

As you build your ad, you can preview all variations of creatives on both mobile and desktop. Once ready for client approval, quickly generate a shareable preview link that enables clients to do the same without ever having to log in to the platform.

Robust analytics and measurement


In addition to integrated ad formats and streamlined workflows, the Nativo Enterprise Ad Platform provides advanced attribution and measurement options to ensure your direct sold campaigns hit their mark. Robust analytics at the campaign, ad/content and content variation level, including our all new unique reach, scroll and Native Stories metrics, provide deeper insights into overall campaign health to ensure optimal performance.


The bottom line


The Nativo Enterprise Ad Platform enables you to more efficiently manage and control trafficking, performance and creatives for more effective direct selling. Send us a note to learn more.


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