Nativo Expands Holistic Auction To Offer The Widest Array Of Demand Options To Maximize Programmatic Yield For Publishers

GlobalNews | February 11, 2019

GlobalNewswire | February 11,  2019 - Leading native platform becomes the industry’s first solution to offer a fully holistic auction for direct sold campaigns, server-side bidders, client-side bidders, native exchanges, unique Nativo demand and Facebook Audience Network resulting in increased revenue across publisher sites.

Nativo, the leading unified technology platform for in-feed and branded content advertising, today announced that it’s enabling combined server-side and client-side demand within its Holistic Auction, enabling publishers to bring unique demand for programmatic native campaigns from their existing partners including Facebook Audience Network, tier one native exchanges, and standalone client-side DSPs.

Previously, publishers were unable to allow all of their demand sources to compete for their native placements within one platform causing a potential for missed revenue. Nativo’s multifaceted platform gives publishers the control to allow all forms of demand to compete for the same native placements. More than 600 top publishers including Associated Press (AP), Trusted Media Brands, and IDG use Nativo’s Holistic Auction to take advantage of multiple demand options and built-in prioritization tools to drive better auction outcomes such as increased yield.

“Bringing both client-side and server-side demand sources into Nativo’s platform has resulted in greater overall yield against the native placements on our site,” said Justin Wohl, Director of Operations and Product at Salon.

Initially, this client-side demand includes Facebook Audience Network, other tier one native providers, and various client-side bidders publishers partner with directly. In the near future, publishers will also be able to access display demand providers through the same infrastructure.

Added demand benefits for publishers include:

  • More flexibility and control over third-party demand for their inventory
  • Maximized yield for any placement across several bidders
  • More control and ease establishing priorities for their own campaigns or competing directly with other bidders
  • Complete visibility into auction metrics across direct sold campaigns, server-side bidders, client-side bidders, native exchanges and Facebook Audience Network

"To extract the most value from their inventory, publishers should have the freedom to access demand across a variety of options and remain unshackled by any technical limitations," said Eugene Cherny, VP of Product at Nativo. "The addition of client-side demand to our Unified Auction brings publishers the most powerful infrastructure to maximize yield, by expanding their ability to select from the market’s widest array of both server-side and client-side demand options.”

To learn more about Nativo client-side demand, contact Nativo at

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