Nativo Inspires Inclusion for Women's History Month

Highlight women's empowerment in March by connecting your content to outcomes

Each year, Women’s History Month presents a chance for brands to pay tribute to the countless women who have left their mark on history and society globally.

At Nativo, we've developed solutions that enable brands to craft impactful campaigns that celebrate diverse voices and audiences during Women’s History Month and beyond.

Key Themes to Inspire Inclusion

Leverage content aligned with key themes from International Women's Day.

  • Female talent recruitment, retention and development  
  • Leadership, decision-making, business and STEM
  • Economic empowerment 
  • Health empowerment and decision making

How to Authentically Engage this IWD

  1. Content: Drive awareness and education through immersive and visual content using executions such as Video, Article, Stories and Display
  2. Reach & Targeting: Proprietary SPARC (Nativo Predictive Audiences), contextual and data targeting ensures content is delivered to target audiences in contextually relevant environments at scale utilizing premium publishers
  3. Measurement: Proprietary measurement tools to gain insights into the audience and content to make continual optimizations & recommendations

Audience and Reach

Whether your goal is to inspire, inform, or involve, our network offers an unmatched opportunity to make a meaningful impact during International Women's Month and beyond.

  • Empowering Female Entrepreneurship: Our network proudly encompasses over 3,200 women-owned publication sites, showcasing a diverse range of voices and perspectives. This extensive collaboration not only supports women's entrepreneurship but also ensures that our content is rich, varied, and resonant with audiences who value diversity and inclusivity.
  • Unparalleled Audience Engagement: With a noteworthy reach of 98.4% among female audiences, our platform stands as a leading channel for companies aiming to connect with women.

Case Study

During the month of March surrounding International Women’s Day, HPE showcased Women in Tech profiles, sharing stories of HPE employees and partners’ journeys in technology careers. Key findings include:

  • 83% strongly agree article is impactful
  • 79% agree article addresses societal needs
  • 59s average time spent

All ad dollars spent with Nativo count toward your diverse spend goals

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