Nativo Partners With LiveRamp To Deliver End-To-End Addressability Across The Open Web

December 8, 2020 | Integration enables enhanced targeting, attribution and monetization.

Los Angeles -- December 8, 2020 -   Nativo, the most advanced content technology platform for advertising, today announced a partnership with LiveRampⓇ (NYSE: RAMP), the leading data connectivity platform, to deliver people-based addressability across the open web. Nativo offers advertisers the ability to reach specific audiences with unique content marketing opportunities and native formats. Through Nativo’s integration with LiveRamp, advertisers and publishers will be able to improve personalized content experiences for consumers and simultaneously enable enhanced targeting, measurement and monetization.

Nativo advertisers now have access to a people-based buying solution that provides end-to-end addressability throughout the advertising supply chain. The company’s integration with LiveRamp enables advertisers to resolve hundreds of consumer datasets from devices, marketing platforms or internal systems, through consolidation and de-duplication, into the best representation of an individual. This enables improved targeting and highly accurate attribution and measurement at scale.

Through this partnership, Nativo will also provide its network of publishers access to LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS) so publishers can connect their addressable inventory to advertiser demand. ATS enables a three-way value exchange among brands, publishers and consumers: consumers retain control over the use of their data, publishers deliver valuable content experiences and brands enhance customer interactions through improved personalization.

“We’ve partnered with LiveRamp to pair content technology with people-based addressability through its Authenticated Identity Infrastructure,” said Justin Choi, CEO of Nativo. “Third-party cookies are on their way out, and the industry is primed for change. Nativo and LiveRamp are providing a privacy-first identity mechanism that delivers buyers powerful audience targeting, attribution and measurement accuracy and empowers publishers to maximize revenue with greater engagement and influence. The result? A sustainable solution.”

Through the LiveRamp integration, Nativo becomes the first native content technology platform to provide advertisers and publishers with enhanced addressability solutions that target specific audiences, attribute marketing outcomes across devices and maximize ad revenue from audience targeted campaigns.

Many partners are already benefiting from this integration, including MediaMath.

“MediaMath’s integration with LiveRamp already helps brands reach their audience with more scale, accuracy and control. Now, with Nativo’s technology for branded content marketing, we can further the advertiser’s ability to reach their audience at the consumer-level with relevant and personalized content,” said Anudit Vikram, SVP, Product at MediaMath.

Advertisers on the Nativo Ad Platform can now activate campaigns on LiveRamp's Authenticated Identity Infrastructure and experience the benefits of improved reach and measurement. To learn more and get started, visit

About Nativo

Nativo creates meaningful consumer connections with the most advanced technology platform for integrated ads. We make insightful storytelling with content at scale possible for brands. At the same time, our platform enriches monetization and the overall user experience for publishers and commerce with exclusive formats and inventive, first-to-market technology for accelerated pages. Nativo is Architecting the Future of Advertising and improving the open web experience. Learn more at

About LiveRamp

LiveRamp is the leading data connectivity platform for the safe and effective use of data. Powered by core identity capabilities and an unparalleled network, LiveRamp enables companies and their partners to better connect, control and activate data to transform customer experiences and generate more valuable business outcomes. LiveRamp’s fully interoperable and neutral infrastructure delivers end-to-end addressability for the world’s top brands, agencies and publishers. For more information, visit

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