Diversify Your Revenue With Nativo’s Mobile App Integration

Nativo Mobile Ads SDK creates mobile app monetization opportunities for publishers.

Apple’s iOS 14 announcement has publishers assessing their mobile app monetization strategies - and rightfully so. Similar to digital web properties, mobile apps offer revenue opportunities by monetizing app content. Mobile apps demonstrate high user engagement, so ensuring your mobile app monetization strategy is on solid ground isn’t just desirable; it’s a critical path to ensuring the longevity of your business.

More restrictions on third-party data are emerging daily, and publishers increasingly need to embrace alternative targeting solutions—like contextual—which rely on retention to drive results. As publishers know, engagement and retention are driven partly by content, partly by ad experience. In the wake of Apple’s decision to require IDFA opt-ins for every single app a user installs, publishers must double down on user experience efficiencies with organic ad formats that drive results—before it’s too late.

Monetize your mobile apps by improving user experience

eMarketer forecasts mobile ad spend to be approximately $77.03 billion in the US this year, up 25.1% over 2018. As device manufacturers updated the sizes and quality of mobile displays over the years, ad formats have evolved to facilitate better user experiences. Ads have advanced beyond traditional display to include video, outstream and native formats that drive stronger engagement and higher-performing advertising campaigns, bolstering publisher monetization strategies.

Native ads in particular enable publishers to monetize their app environments without the traditional user experience tradeoff, where ads on publisher sites drive monetization but lead to high rates of user abandonment. Instead of leading publishers into a monetization catch-22, native ads create incremental revenue at higher CPMs with inventory that performs.

Unlock additional inventory on your mobile app

Nativo’s natural in-feed executions lend themselves especially well to mobile, where publishers can’t afford to reserve a lot of screen real estate to fixed banners or sticky videos. User experience is even more important on apps, as ads are often perceived more negatively on mobile devices than they are on desktop. With Nativo’s mobile app integration, publishers have access to a comprehensive catalog of engaging formats, including Native Article, Native Display, Native Video and the option to achieve incremental fill with Standard Display. These highly organic formats empower publishers to add more inventory into scrolling feeds without compromising user experience.

Nativo allows for a seamless integration of native ad formats within app content. This increases user engagement on the app and eliminates poor user experience rooted in distracting banner or display ads. Nativo’s integration not only opens up ad inventory on the app home page but expands this to content pages, unlocking additional units that can be leveraged for native ads.

Nativo Mobile Ads SDK

Nativo Mobile Ads SDK unlocks additional inventory for publishers while providing increased monetization opportunities through highly organic, engaging formats. Nativo Mobile Ads SDK:

  • Works with both iOS and Android.
  • Includes comprehensive support for multiple ad formats, including native video, ads, display and more.
  • Gives you direct access to differentiated demand from Nativo’s demand channels.
  • Complies with CCPA/GDPR industry frameworks to unlock additional demand from advertisers that require consent signals from users as per the IAB Framework.
  • Provides brand safety with full support of Grapeshot’s IAB brand safety categories.
  • Includes React Native support to enable ease of integration with a React Native wrapper for publishers using React across iOS and Android.
  • Provides IAB Open Measurement (OM) SDK support to increase monetization with MOAT OM SDK support for consistent tracking of ad viewability events within mobile apps.


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