Nativo's Justin Choi and Mark Putrus: Named Finalists for Executive Partnership of the Year at the 2024 Transform Awards

Nativo’s power pair named finalists for 2024 Transform Awards

LOS ANGELES - February 20, 2024 - Justin Choi, Founder and CEO of Nativo, alongside Mark Putrus, Chief People Officer of Nativo, have been named finalists for the 2024 Transform Awards. The nomination celebrates the power of partnership to lead business transformation. The pair exemplifies how strategic alignment between business operations and people operations drives positive outcomes for the business and its people. Winners will be announced during the Transform 2024 conference, scheduled for March 11-13, 2024.

The partnership between a CEO and a Chief People Officer is pivotal to a thriving organization. Choi and Putrus illustrate this strategic collaboration's powerful impact in fostering a high-performance workplace culture.

As a fully distributed organization, Nativo doesn’t see flexibility as an added benefit but as an intentional shift in their operating model. The partnership has been critical in reshaping how the team works together. Reflecting on the impact of these changes, Putrus commented, “At Nativo, the positive outcomes of our distributed work strategy and the focus on how we work versus where we work is evidenced by a drop in attrition to single digits and nearly 40% of our new hires sourced through internal referrals. None of this would be possible without focused effort that starts with the CEO and Chief People Officer but extends across the executive leadership team.”

Choi is a serial entrepreneur and digital innovator known for founding Cie Digital, Cie Games, and Nativo. Nativo is a leading ad platform for premium publishers and brands. With a gamification and deep data analytics background, Choi's journey from South Korea to technology leadership began with his first computer at age 11, shaping a lifelong passion for innovation.

Putrus leads a talented team that drives the people strategy and employee experience. He’s passionate about cultivating a purpose-driven, values-oriented company culture that inspires talent to push the boundaries of what’s possible, shaping a new world of work. He formerly was Chief People Officer at Zovio, an edtech company, bringing his extensive people, culture, and commercial leadership experience to Nativo. 

As finalists for the Executive Partnership of the Year award, Choi and Putrus' endeavors at Nativo have yielded tangible outcomes, showcasing the significant influence of aligning business operations with people operations in cultivating an award-winning workplace culture. We eagerly anticipate celebrating the achievements of all award winners at the upcoming Transform 2024 conference.

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About Nativo

At Nativo, we enable brands to unlock the power of content to engage and influence their audiences. Our patented technology leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence to automate the distribution of content in a non-interruptive, fully integrated experience within trusted environments. Our mission at Nativo is to solve the mid-funnel and drive consideration by making content as easy to execute, scale, and measure as advertising.

Founded by Justin Choi in 2010, Nativo is an Asian American-owned technology company—certified by NMSDC as a Minority Business Enterprise—holding more than a dozen patents in its proprietary technology and working with more than 7,000 premium publisher websites around the globe. Learn more at


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