Seasonal: Sports Package

Harness the power of sports marketing throughout the year

Celebrate the Spirit of Sports Year-Round

Sports aren't just a seasonal affair; they offer year-round opportunities for brands to harness the power of engaging events. Our Sports Strategy outlines a roadmap through the most thrilling sports events worldwide, illustrating why brands should prioritize their ad spend to tap into various sports seasons throughout the year.

  • Super Bowl: February
  • Australian Open (Tennis): January
  • NHL All-Star Game: Late January
  • NBA All-Star Game: Mid-February
  • Winter Olympics: February
  • March Madness (NCAA Basketball Tournament): March - April
  • Masters Tournament: Early April
  • NHL Playoffs Begin: Mid-April
  • NBA Playoffs Begin: Mid-April
  • Kentucky Derby: May
  • PGA Championship: May
  • French Open (Tennis): Late May - Early June
  • Tour de France: Late June
  • Baseball: Season peaks in July
  • Wimbledon (Tennis): Late June - Early July
  • Soccer: Peak of tournaments and championships during Summer
  • Summer Olympics: Mid-July
  • US Open (Tennis): August 26 - September 8
  • NFL Season Kick-off: September 5
  • World Series: Late October
  • NHL Season Start: Early October
  • NBA Season Start: Late October
  • US Open (Golf): September
  • MLS Cup Playoffs: October - November

Why Should Your Brand Leverage Sports?

  1. High Viewership: Sports events attract large audiences, providing brands with extensive exposure to diverse demographics
  2. Engaged Audience: Sports fans are deeply engaged in the action, making them more receptive to advertising messages
  3. Emotional Connection: Sports evoke strong emotions, allowing brands to tap into the passion and loyalty of fans
  4. Association with Success: By aligning with successful athletes or teams, brands can enhance their image and credibility
  5. Shared Experience: Sports events create communal viewing experiences, fostering connections between brands and consumers
  6. Global Reach: Major sports events have international appeal, offering brands the opportunity to reach audiences worldwide
  7. Brand Integration: Advertising during sports allows for creative and seamless integration of products or services into the narrative, enhancing brand visibility

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By aligning your advertising strategy with our Sports solutions, you ensure your brand is part of the excitement of every season’s biggest sports spectacles. Engage with a year-round calendar of sports and watch as your brand scores big with each event.

Ready to elevate your brand through sports? Activate with us today and gain a competitive edge by connecting with passionate sports audiences worldwide.


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