Nativo's Tax Season Strategy & Solutions

Let Nativo help you activate engaging campaigns within the Business and Finance vertical to connect your content to outcomes

The Landscape

Taxes are inevitable and complex — consumers are yearning to understand how to maximize tax refund plans and take a proactive approach to tax planning and financial management.

Utilize Content to Build Trust

  • Knowledge is Key: There is a need for increased financial literacy, close the education gap by creating digestible content to build confidence across the landscape.
  • Ditch General Messaging: Market to your audience – your whole audience & no one but your audience.
  • Value-Driven Content: Facing financial uncertainty can be overwhelming, utilize thought-leadership content that creates an emotional connection.

Key Times to Connect with Financial Advisors

  1. Tax Season (Feb-April): Consulting a financial advisor before filing your taxes can help identify opportunities for tax savings and ensure accurate filings.
  2. Maximize Investments (May-June): Build on tax returns, bonuses & income by connecting to a financial advisor and learn how to improve active accounts.
  3. Prepare for the Future (June-August): Leverage your financial advisor to plan your retirement fund, restructure debt, create monthly payments and more.

Reach Premium Publishers At Scale

Activate Your Way: Managed Services, Self-Service Activation or Programmatically.


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