North Dakota Looks To Nimble Marketing

MediaPost | July 13, 2020 Amid COVID-19, North Dakota Tourism has averaged a CTR 2X our tourism benchmarks.

MediaPost | July 13, 2020 - A lot of industries have been hard hit by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and travel is no exception. For these industries, it might seem like now is a good time to pause marketing spend to preserve capital - but research, and the experiences of our clients, say otherwise.

Since March, North Dakota Tourism has averaged a CTR 2X our tourism benchmarks by shifting their strategy to align more closely with consumer behavior. By adjusting their content distribution strategy to focus on hyper-local audiences and creative content around road trips and national parks, this destination marketing organization brought joy and adventure into the lives of avid travelers when they needed it the most.

Read more about North Dakota Tourism’s success in MediaPost.

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