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Picture this: Your heart is racing. You’ve just found the perfect opportunity to provide your audience with an intuitive ad experience. You check with your team if it’s possible to execute on another sponsored content campaign right now. Stop short. Ask again.

Turns out your team doesn’t have bandwidth to turn your dream into a reality. The opportunity passes you by, and with it goes potential revenue for your business.

Some good news: Creating high-performing, engaging sponsored content campaigns doesn’t need to be difficult or time consuming. Take a look at the newest Nativo Ad Platform features that make selling, creating, optimizing and reporting on sponsored content campaigns more efficient for your business, so you never miss out on a great opportunity again.

Create high-impact content with Design Blocks

Create higher-performing Native Articles with Design Blocks. These pre-formatted, pre-designed elements empower your entire team to create immersive content that captures consumer attention and inspires action without coding or HTML, and scale much more easily than custom designed pages.

Send a note to your Platform Success Manager or Platform Operations Manager for more details.

Turn existing assets into Stories campaigns

Take advantage of the Stories ad format to drive higher engagement with today's predominantly mobile audience. Visually rich content, a more prominent CTA and a large volume button encourage user action, inspiring high Call-to-Action rates.

Learn how to repurpose existing brand assets from social channels like TikTok and Instagram to drive revenue for your business, attract user interest or drive qualified site traffic and action.

*Nativo Platform

Delight stakeholders with Campaign Wrap Decks

Your campaign ended, but how do you prove that the results were strong and you met key KPIs? Use our Campaign Wrap Decks feature to present a comprehensive visual summary of campaign performance with customizable branding.

Automatically generated and elegantly formatted for ease of use, Wrap Decks offer ready-to-use slides available for download at the end of each campaign. Templates feature key performance metrics and creative-level data to provide in-depth insights and inform future strategy.

Win Back-to-School, Black Friday and end-of-year ad dollars

Reach consumers with Back-to-School, Black Friday and end-of-year messaging using Nativo’s newly launched contextual category: Shopping.

Designed to specifically target placements on publisher sites related to shopping/commerce, this new category improves campaign targeting through more relevant ad placements, enabling publishers to better connect brands with users primed for purchase.

Want information on these updates and more?  

Send a note to your Platform Success Manager for additional details, or visit our Resource Center to learn how to expertly launch and manage sponsored content campaigns for yourself.



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