[Product Updates] Time Saving Features On The Nativo Platform

Save time with new features on the Nativo Platform.

Your time is sacred - never more so than heading into a hectic holiday season. Spend less of it creating and managing your sponsored content campaigns using newly available features on the Nativo Platform.

Easily adjust campaign status

Coming Soon: Better control campaign delivery by enabling/disabling your campaign, budget, or ad from the Campaign Detail Page. This new workflow empowers you to turn your campaign entities on and off with the click of a button, while updated flight serving statuses make identifying the state of your campaigns more straightforward.

Confirm your campaigns are ready to launch

Confirm you created your campaign correctly by exporting a comprehensive media plan from the Nativo Platform. Use this full excel report to double check the details of your campaign, including your budget, ads, targeting, conversion pixels, and more, without navigating to multiple areas in the platform.

Quickly find answers to your questions

Find help documentation right when you need it using the Smart Help feature in the Nativo Ad Platform. Click the question mark at the top right of any page for easy access to definitions and help guides from our Resource Hub.

Organize your direct sales into Teams

For publishers: Manage access to specific publications, advertisers, or campaigns within your organization using Teams. Grouping users into teams simplifies administration and makes the ad experience more efficient by ensuring users are only able to access the information they need.

If you’re currently using multiple organizations in the Nativo Platform to manage user access to specific publications, advertisers, or campaigns, we strongly recommend implementing teams.

New, more secure API Authorization

We’re officially deprecating Nativo’s legacy (v2) API authentication procedure in favor of a new, more secure and easier to use approach and encourage you to migrate to the new Personal Access Token. Old tokens will remain active through Q1 2022. Starting December, the new Personal Access Token will be the only option available for API authentication.

Want information on these updates and more?  

Send a note to your Platform Success Manager for additional details, or visit our Resource Center to learn how to expertly launch and manage sponsored content campaigns for yourself.



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