Publishers Achieve Success With The Nativo Enterprise Ad Platform

Nativo launched the Enterprise Ad Platform to support publishers with a purpose-built technology for sponsored content sales, enabling publishers to grow and scale their ad business.

As the advertising landscape evolves, brands are actively investing in content marketing, and it is tracking towards $417.85 billion during 2021-2025. This is an opportunity for publishers to realize business growth by offering scalable sponsored or branded content solutions.

Earlier this year, Nativo launched the Enterprise Ad Platform to support publishers with a purpose-built technology for sponsored content sales, operations, and distribution, enabling publishers to grow and scale their ad business. The platform has been adopted by industry-leading publishers and leveraged across their organization from sales to content and ad operations.


Streamline Content Development


Nativo’s ad serving roots give us the foundation and technology to provide dynamic content optimization, not just ad the ad or creative level, but down to the branded content itself.


Help brands leverage existing assets to drive higher engagement with today’s predominantly mobile audience using Nativo’s Stories ad format.

Create a dedicated page that houses every piece of content an advertiser has created. This fixed destination is an additional opportunity to drive brand awareness and content discovery.

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Nativo Enterprise Ad Platform's purpose-built publisher tools enable content teams to create high-impact execution with a code-free content builder that delivers a content experience seamlessly into the publisher's site.

Simplified Publisher Sales Enablement


Pre campaign, the Nativo Enterprise Ad Platform simplifies the creative mock and approval process with the integrated creative builder.

Automate sharing results with the Enterprise Ad Platform exportable wrap decks that present a comprehensive visual summary of campaign performance with customizable branding.


From native executions to immersive content experiences - the Enterprise Ad Platform delivers improved performance with our integrated dynamic content optimization ensuring the right creative and content is served in the right place at the right time.

Native Article | Video | Stories | Native Display


The platform enables publisher media sales teams with flexibility in how they sell to align to client KPIs including CPM, CPA, CPC, and more! The platform will automatically manage bidding on the backend.

Focused Efficiency with Ad Operations


Streamline campaign management with the Dynamic Content Optimization integrated into the Nativo Enterprise Ad Platform which optimizes image, title, text and even placement allowing AdOps to recapture and reinvest valuable time.


Nativo streamlines the integration process. With our suite of development resources, we help publishers integrate time-saving tools with minimal development investments on their end.


Robust analytics at the campaign, ad/content and content variation level, including our all-new unique reach, scroll and Native Stories metrics, provide deeper insights into overall campaign health to ensure optimal performance.


By utilizing Nativo’s Enterprise Ad Platform’s advertising and creative management technologies, brands such as Hearst have experienced a 6x return on overall investment. These high-performing results have led to new and expanded partnerships with media brands including LA Times, A360 Media, Axios, LEARFIELD and TAN Media.

Don’t take our word for it - see what leading digital publishers are saying about the Nativo Ad Platform:

“Our content studio team leverages Nativo’s Content Landing Page product to quickly build sponsored content articles that can be promoted through native ads on site and other paid channels. This execution gives us advanced control and insights into user engagement, while maintaining the overall site experience. The content we create and distribute through the Nativo platform performs with high levels of engagement that our clients love to see.”

Giovanni Lim, Senior Digital Planner | Los Angeles Times

“Nativo has enabled our team to optimize our sales efforts,” said Wade Best, Director of Advertising Operations, Hearst StoryStudio. “With rich reporting features and easy-to-use campaign and creative management tools, we have been able to manage direct-sold campaigns and deliver against campaign goals more effectively.”

Wade Best, Director, Ad Operations | Hearst

“Flexibility is critical for Motor Trend, and Nativo has been able to adapt to our business needs enabling us to scale integrated ad formats for our clients across our properties as well as prioritize between direct-sold and Nativo sourced demand. Their platform continues to provide the support, innovation, and tools required for our team to improve the efficiency of our campaign management while maintaining outstanding performance for our clients.”

Jason Rice, SVP Digital Media  | MotorTrend

“It was important for our setup to have access to a centralized campaign management interface, with breakdowns of pacing and status by budget. With Nativo, this information is accessible upfront in an easy to use dashboard, to help with quick decision making. In addition, the sharable preview links are key in our sales process and is a feature we use frequently to obtain client approvals. Our team has been effective in rolling out these capabilities to our different markets and getting the teams up to speed on the platform fairly quickly.”

Sara Camapola, Customer Success Manager, Ad Platform Initiatives | Advance Local


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