Now Is The Time For Publishers To Take Back Control

Digital Content Next | May 4, 2020 Publishers have an unprecedented opportunity to shape the future of the industry in our next normal.

Digital Content Next | May 4,  2020 -  With shelter in place orders lifting over the next several weeks, we’re all looking to return to some sort of “normal.” As we do so, publishers are faced with a unique opportunity to take an active role in what that next normal looks like.

Nativo CEO Justin Choi outlines five areas where publishers can make major changes that will transform the ad tech and media landscape in his article for Digital Content Next, “Now is the time for publishers to take back control.”

Game changing

Publishers should look to create a form of “herd immunity” from the triopoly by uniting around the engagement and influence they provide to consumers.

Cooperation and collective action

Publishers should choose partners that help them achieve differentiation at scale - including seeking out partners that can improve speed, experiences and ad quality.


The death of the third party cookie looms large on the horizon. Now is the time to aggregate influence in order to serve the needs of the industry.


If publishers are able to unite, they might be able to pull their inventory out of exchanges if they can provide buyers with ease and exclusivity without relying on third parties.


KPIs need to reflect the strength of publishers v. those of the major tech giants. Instead of focusing on direct response, shift KPIs toward digital branding and mid-funnel influence.


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Justin ChoiNativo CEO
Justin ChoiNativo CEO

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