Rethink Your Content KPIs: Capture Better Insights With Qualitative Measurement

Watch our on-demand webinar on the benefits of blending qualitative and quantitative measurement

Click-through rate, likes, conversions, cost-per-click…as branded content evolved into the workhorse of digital marketing, huge importance was placed on quantifying its effectiveness and attaching data to each dollar spent. But are your longstanding quantitative metrics still the best choices? Or is an outdated approach skewing your perception about which activations are worth the investment?

Watch these clips that detail best practices for blending qualitative and quantitative measurement

Bottom-of-Funnel Metrics 

Conversion is the ultimate goal for any advertising effort and can lead to a disproportionate focus on the bottom of the funnel, typically at the expense of the mid-funnel.

Contextualizing Conversions

Map out the true consumer journey and understand all of the touchpoints that led - or led away from - ultimate conversion.

Shifting the Focus from Viewability to Attention

Optimizing campaigns for attention as opposed to viewability led to an 85% lift in familiarity, a 77% lift in perception and a 180% more correlated to ROI. 

Combine Viewability Goals with Custom Research

Gives insight into whether or not your content actually influenced perception or purchase intent.

Ask Better Questions

The learnings you take away from qualitative analysis have a huge impact on those lower funnel metrics.

Watch "Rethink Your Content KPIs: Capture Better Insights With Qualitative Measurement", a Nativo webinar, on-demand now to learn:

  • Recommendations for pivoting specific KPIs for greater impact and accuracy
  • Guidelines for generating creative insights
  • Best practices for performance storytelling


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