The 174x Return On Ad Spend Formula For GNC

By partnering with Nativo, GNC was able to raise awareness for UNBREAKABLE PERFORMANCE™ – science-based supplements co-founded by Jay Glazer.


As the trusted leader in innovative solutions and high-quality products, GNC strives to make it easy for all customers to learn more about its offerings in health and nutrition related products.

GNC – who specializes in vitamins, supplements, minerals, herbs, sports nutrition, diet, and energy products – knew they needed an updated way to reach customers in light of changing shopping behaviors during the pandemic.

GNC partnered with Nativo for an engaging solution beyond traditional display.


GNC leveraged our in-house creative team of strategists, researchers, planners, writers, designers and developers for creative recommendations, including:

  • Data-backed best practice headline formulations, including tactics such as:
  • Stating How (e.g. “See How Strength Is Built From the Inside Out”)
  • Curiosity Gap
  • Tips
  • Action Language (e.g. “Push Yourself to New Limits [Discover Unbreakable Performance]”)
  • A/B testing with real-time optimization for the most efficient engagement across publishers and devices
  • Best-performing ad format options, including:
  • Native Video
  • Native Display


Utilize Nativo’s video and native display formats to raise awareness for UNBREAKABLE PERFORMANCE™ – science-based supplements co-founded by TV personality and NFL sports reporter Jay Glazer – by reaching audiences where they were already paying attention: directly within publisher content.

GNC demos.jpg


In just one month, Nativo was able to drive 174x Return on Ad Spend (RoAS) and 10x greater CTR than traditional display through:

  • boosting awareness of the new product line
  • real-time testing for copy and image options
  • optimizing click-through rates (CTR) in real time

Campaign Results:

GNC colored stats (1).jpg

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