Save Time With The Content Library

Create 2x as many ads with Content Library - Dewey Decimal System not required.

On average, publishers that use the Content Library more than double their ad production compared to those who don't - and are generating more revenue because of it.

Created to help simplify and streamline the ad creation process, the Content Library contains key features designed to increase productivity and decrease the amount of time publishers spend across three key areas: ad management, creative creation and campaign optimization.

Did You Get My Notes?

You’re facing a classic creative conundrum: how do you keep track of all of the different versions of creative - not to mention the notes from every key stakeholder - that flood in via email, text, IM, etc., throughout the course of a project? It takes a significant amount of time to communicate with everyone and get approvals and at the end of the week, you’d be surprised how much time you spent fielding and organizing creative communications.

The Content Library’s collaboration tools collate all of the comments and annotations added by stakeholders next to the content itself, providing one comprehensive view of feedback on any given piece. The Content Library further enables your team to set and manage creative approvals all in one place through the ability to designate specific creative assets for review and assign approvals, eliminating the need for back-and-forth email threads that can span days. The Content Library’s commenting feature stimulates collaboration between publisher, advertiser and media agency, promoting efficient communication and providing heightened transparency into the campaign creation process.

Set It and Forget It

Don’t reinvent the wheel: Content Ingest, a feature of the Content Library, can import content from a URL provided by your client. It scans the page for creative elements such as copy, preview text and images and quickly builds new native content, organizing every element in the process. No additional approvals from the client are needed, either, as Content Ingest repurposes content previously reviewed and approved. The best part? If you need to change a piece of creative used in multiple campaigns, you only need to do so once: directly from the Content Library. The update is simultaneously and seamlessly pushed to every ad it’s featured in, eliminating the need to manually make the same update to multiple campaigns.

Optimize, Optimize, Optimize

Throughout the course of a campaign, Nativo Performance Optimization (NPO) optimizes creative so that only the best headline/image combinations are serving to a target audience. How can you tap into these insights for future campaigns using the same creative?

The Content Library stores past campaign information on the creative level, allowing you to import top performing creative asset combinations into new campaigns without starting from scratch. Not only does this save you time, it can also help optimize your budget. Starting with creative combinations you know perform well kicks off your campaign on a high note, enabling continued optimization without starting from square one.

Using the Content Library can increase ad production rate while delivering high performing campaigns that make your clients happy. Don’t sleep on a solution that can increase productivity across your team


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