To Win In The Digital Ad Game, Focus On The End (User)

Digital Content Next | October 19, 2020 Publishers need to prioritize the end-user.

Digital Content Next | October 19,  2020 -  The tech titans of today’s media world are constantly making headlines. Google made waves when it decided to eliminate third-party cookies on Chrome by 2022; Apple shook things up by enabling Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) by default on all browsers on IOS; and most recently, Google rolled out its heavy ads intervention policy.

All of these changes might be causing some anxiety — but they don’t need to. As Nativo’s Head of Publisher Account Management Eddie Lee writes in DCN, the way publishers will win out - every time - is by focusing on the end user.

To do so, Eddie suggests publishers focus on two things.

Prioritize data security to protect users, and yourself. The death of the third-party cookie might have some publishers searching for the perfect solution. Instead, publishers should look into locking down their data now. Doing so will enable publishers to deliver unique, proprietary first-party data targeting on their site — for a premium.

Optimize the user experience, optimize the revenue potential. Apple and Google are making all of these changes  for a reason, and that reason is to protect and prioritize the end user’s experience. Publishers also have the ability to enhance their end user’s experience by moving to server-side. Doing so will eliminate latency issues — with an added benefit of increasing first-party cookie persistence — that will ultimately create a better user experience and lead to increased revenue.

For more insights from Eddie on what these recent browser changes mean for publishers, read his full article in DCN.

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