Server-Side Tech Will Drive The Future Of Publisher Digital Advertising Revenue

Digital Content Next | July 29, 2020 The browser wars carry collateral damage.

Digital Content Next | July 29,  2020 -  The browser wars take no prisoners - including publisher monetization. In Digital Content Next, Josh Torok, Nativo senior product manager, breaks down why the server-side is the solution.

Greater Autonomy, Sustainability and Innovation

Many publishers rely on client-side bidding for site monetization, but its dynamics aren’t always in their best interest. Client-side bidding promotes a poor UX due to latency, carry non-data regulation compliancy risks and lead to browser over-reliance. To extricate themselves from this ongoing cycle and futureproof their ad revenue, publishers should look to the server-side.

The Benefits of the Server-Side

The server-side brings publishers autonomy, sustainability and control of monetization through three chief benefits:

  • Optimal UX: The server-side enables publishers to optimize sites for faster load times and lower latency, creating a better user experience.
  • Identity Solutions: The decline of the third-party cookie places emphasis on the need for solutions to identifying, targeting and attributing actions to website visitors. Server-side solutions position publishers well for this next phase of innovation.
  • Control: When publishers rely on client-side bidding, they’re beholden to browser decisions. With server-side logic, publishers are empowered to build their own walled gardens and are in control of their monetization strategies.


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