5 Reasons Why Stories Should Be Part Of Your Sales Strategy

This mobile-first ad format is a must have for amplifying brand content engagement.

Listen: We’re all on TikTok. The app hit 2 billion global downloads in 2020 and usage shows no signs of slowing any time soon. Turns out people really love short form content created specifically for mobile.

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Stories - Nativo’s vertical, mobile-first ad format - brings the familiar “story” execution from social platforms like TikTok and Instagram to publisher newsfeeds. How? The highly visual ad format serves into existing mobile ad placements as an in-feed unit. Upon click, users encounter the full screen Stories ad experience, where they can engage with brand content as they would on any of today’s social platforms.

We’ve found our Stories format especially effective for new product launches, engaging younger audiences and showcasing visual-first content, but it’s applications are endless. Here are the top 5 reasons Stories should be a part of your sales strategy.


Scale beyond walled gardens

Brands are pouring valuable resources - time, money, effort - into creating assets for their social channels, which immediately have limited reach based on the platform they’re hosted on. By repurposing these assets for Stories across your own sites, you’re giving brands an easy win that extends the shelf-life of their social content while opening up a net-new revenue source for your business.

Turn social campaigns into native executions

This one might seem obvious, but indulge us for a moment. Our Stories ad format empowers your team to easily transform brand social assets into Stories campaigns on your site. This carries a few key benefits:

  • Bigger budgets. Pairing Stories with a standard sponsored content execution can help open up additional advertiser budgets.
  • Fewer back and forth. Repurposing social assets lessens the delicate dance of brand approvals, freeing up your team’s bandwidth for additional campaigns.
  • New revenue opportunities. Stories arm publisher sales teams with a new weapon in their direct sales arsenal: the ability to amplify brand social content across their properties.

Reach a younger, mobile audience

Gen Z’s total hours of social media app usage increased 71% during the past year - which is a very fancy way to say that they’re more used to engaging with short, snackable, mobile content. Stories is the perfect fit for capturing this trained engagement behavior for advertisers looking to target younger audiences on your site. A more prominent Call-to-Action button and a large volume button on our Stories format are designed to specifically encourage user action, inspiring high Call-to-Action rates.

Campaign performance

We’re not going to lie - our Stories ad format yields pretty amazing results for brands. For example, a major auto manufacturer recently achieved a 12.75% Call-to-Action (CTA) rate on their Stories campaign. Yes, you read that right - a 12.75% CTA rate. Even better? The results we’re seeing are cross vertical, with consumer packaged goods, auto, travel brands and more seeing CTA rates between 8-12%.*

*Nativo Platform.

No new integration necessary for publishers

Let’s seal the deal and chat implementation. For existing customers, the Stories ad format can run via any of your existing mobile placements in rotation with your other ad formats. No new integration is necessary to start selling and running Stories campaigns, making it an instant value-add to your organization.


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