Brands Can’t Tell Stories If They’ve Lost The Plot

Street Fight Magazine | February 24, 2020 Marketers are creating enough content but are missing alignment across marketing disciplines.

Street Fight Magazine | February 24, 2020 -  In his article, “Brands Can’t Tell Stories If They’ve Lost The Plot,” SVP of Enterprise Sales, Andrew Rosen, argues that when it comes to content, the challenge marketers face is not actually a lack of content. Rather, what’s missing in many content marketing programs is the fundamental alignment between content and other marketing disciplines.

Content, from a metrics standpoint, needs to speak the same language as paid media so that marketers can demonstrate the impact it has to their CMOs. Read more about how to create consistency across marketing tracks in Street Fight Magazine.

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Andrew RosenSVP, Enterprise SalesNativo
Andrew RosenSVP, Enterprise SalesNativo

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